Happy National Doughnut Day

doughnut girlA first post is tricky because it sets up the expectation that there will be a second one. What will the second one be about, much less the tenth? Wait, I have to write TEN posts?

Fast forward past a year of circling that indecision loop to this morning when I woke up and decided yep, today’s the day no matter what, even if I don’t know what to write yet. At the very least I could choose a WordPress template. Guess what I discovered while procrastinating in the middle of choosing a template?

I gave away the answer in the title. It’s National Doughnut Day! Just like that, I had my first post. Which shows that when you make up your mind to act, sometimes the universe steps in and does you a solid.

Here’s how to get free doughnuts today.

Why I care about time, money, and doughnuts

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