Doughnut Sunday

🍩 + 🍨 = 😍

Doughnut Wednesday

Not that I need a ballgown since I rarely leave the house now that Netflix and Amazon Prime cover about 90 percent of Maslow’s pyramid, but if I ever do want to swan around the kitchen like Belle with a vitamin D deficiency, I have found my designer.

Paloma Young designed her own dress for the Tony’s. To quote the Fug Girls, “She put deep pockets in it, and … SHE FILLED THEM WITH SNACKS.”

Do you know what would go in my pockets? Crullers.

Happy National Doughnut Day

doughnut girlA first post is tricky because it sets up the expectation that there will be a second one. What will the second one be about, much less the tenth? Wait, I have to write TEN posts?

Fast forward past a year of circling that indecision loop to this morning when I woke up and decided yep, today’s the day no matter what, even if I don’t know what to write yet. At the very least I could choose a WordPress template. Guess what I discovered while procrastinating in the middle of choosing a template?

I gave away the answer in the title. It’s National Doughnut Day! Just like that, I had my first post. Which shows that when you make up your mind to act, sometimes the universe steps in and does you a solid.

Here’s how to get free doughnuts today.

Why I care about time, money, and doughnuts