Prime Day – Lists of Stuff on Sale

This was my first year to pay attention to Prime Day, so I didn’t realize how many deals they’d have. Luckily, this sous vide cooker was on an early page of deals before I pooped out. I’ve had my eye on it since … Amazon’s Cyber Monday, actually. 🙂

I also took advantage of these great deals on books:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff on sale, save your brain and fingers from fatigue. These sites highlight the best deals.

Please note: I’m not part of Amazon’s affiliate program so will not collect a share of sales from the links.

Amazon’s Prime Day Starts July 10

Amazon boxes

Ignore the July 11 date emblazoned on the packing tape above. The Prime Day sale officially kicks off Monday, July 10 at 9 p.m. ET.

Here are nine tips on how to approach the sale. My favorite one is to use the URL instead of regular With the Smile URL, Amazon will donate a percentage of what you spend to a charity of your choice.

Full disclosure: There are actually 10 tips in the article but the last one is to ignore Prime Day, so I’m choosing to ignore it. (Do two ignores make a like?) Yes, it might be better to spend money on experiences instead of things from Amazon, but come on, who clicks a shopping guide to be told not to shop? Tip No. 10 belongs in a totally different article.

Also, here are four tips on how to shop smarter on Amazon. (via Abnormal Returns)

Doughnut Sunday

🍩 + 🍨 = 😍

Figure Out When You Can Retire in 11 Steps

If you’re like me, your mind will shut down at about step 3 because it’s stressful to think about being old and not having enough money. Even just the thought of digging through  financial records to get the info is stressful, BUT it’s imperative to see your numbers if you’re serious about retirement planning, or even retirement guessing.

Yes, there’s time and pain involved if you start retirement planning now. If you wait, you’ll still have pain, but no time.


Doughnut Wednesday

Not that I need a ballgown since I rarely leave the house now that Netflix and Amazon Prime cover about 90 percent of Maslow’s pyramid, but if I ever do want to swan around the kitchen like Belle with a vitamin D deficiency, I have found my designer.

Paloma Young designed her own dress for the Tony’s. To quote the Fug Girls, “She put deep pockets in it, and … SHE FILLED THEM WITH SNACKS.”

Do you know what would go in my pockets? Crullers.

For Any Goal, Start Here


I love this video so much. Lined up correctly, a SIM-sized domino can knock over a hundred-pounder.

It’s the perfect reminder of how great change happens in the world. All breakthroughs — self-driving cars, the civil rights movement, polio eradication —  are built from smaller changes that came before.

The same is true for any great personal change. Do you want to write a book, join a band, start a business? Do you want to change the world? Do you want to change your world by getting out of debt, improving your physical, mental, or emotional health, or strengthening a core relationship?

This video has a lesson for you: Ignore the 100-pound domino!

The chain reaction starts with that smallest one at the front. Nothing happens until that one’s knocked over, so what’s your smallest domino?

(via Kottke)